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Please update we paid this app!

Its a shame, what does apple do? MAJ 5.1 quick change. Dont buy anything else from fmproject.


Remboursez !

ios 5.1

This app dont work with ios 5.1!! When will have an upgrade? When we buy a app we should have support for new ios as soon and released dont you think? Thanks! Regads,


It just doesnt create any shortcut for configuration in IOS6. I just dont know how apple can approve something that is useless. We keep on spending money in things that are crappy. Other wonderful thing is that it is not possible to report a problem!!!

Pure awesomeness

Works flawlessly. I created many toggles for my frequented actions and contacts. Scope for improvement in newer versions - preset list of iPhone url options like WLAN , Bluetooth to choose from - Create button should directly result in creation of icon on home screen ( reduce number of clicks required )

Wont work with iOS versions gt. iOs 5.1

To put it simple: It wont work with actual versions of iOS although the prerequisites indicates 5.0 and above. Therefore: Dont buy this if you run on newer versions of iOS

Works just as it should!

Simply stunning. Would like to see more options for pics!


Just love this app. Extremely simple. Great for making short cuts of all sorts

Love it

I love this so helpful just wish it was a toggle so it didnt have to open the settings but either way its sick


pretty cool app although there are some limitations. but it was fun making those shortcuts. I think when Apple finds out what you can do they might bring this app down.


Icons/shortcuts need app running in background to work.

Very cool

Took me some time to figue it out but after its super neat! I would recomend getting it.


Be able to make shortcut to Bluetooth and wifi, etc is very nice. Thanks

Amazing!... Finally...

Finally a way to create shortcuts to system tools... No more endless tapping to turn Bluetooth on and off...

A waste

Another waste of 99 cents.

not so cool

great idea but need to run app in the background for every shortcut and open icon app in the same time... not really what i expected

Need help

Need help making shortcuts with the code thing. I entered it right but it doesnt work it says insert appropriate URL help?

One problem

Its a really good idea and i really want to use it but it doenst seem to show up as the icon i created only the page that shows when it tells me to save to home screen if this was fixed it would be great

Good, but

Facetime function isnt working for me. Kept saying "unavailable"

Works good but could be better

It does make contact icons but it is quicker to use SIRI or VOICE CONTROL to call or FaceTime someone. Not very convenient but at least it doesnt take up many MB. I wish you could customize icons like phone, notes, safari...

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